2011 ENCAP, 두 대의 중국차가 ★★★★!!!!!!!!!!!!! 탈것뭉치

유럽 판매 자동차 안전도를 검사하는 2011년도 5차 ENCAP 테스트가 진행되었는데, 여기에서 두 대의 중국 자동차가 별 넷을 받는 기염을 토했습니다.
ENCAP 사무총장 미하일 라팅겐은 "이 결과는 중국 자동차 산업의 새로운 이정표이며, 중국 자동차 업체들이 안전도를 추구하는 현대 추세에 신속하게 대응하고 있음을 의미한다" 고 평하고 "조만간 5성 차량의 등장도 기대할 수 있을것" 이라고 격찬했습니다.
중국 최초 ENCAP 별 넷의 주인공은...상해기차의 MG6 와 길리의 Emgrand EC7.
두 대의 중국차와 같은 4성을 받은 차종은 피아트 판다, 지프 그랜드 체로키, 재규어 FX, 르노의 플루언스 EV 등등입니다.
같은 테스트에서 별 다섯개를 가져간 차종은 2013년형 섀비 말리부, 기아 리오 (프라이드), 벤츠 B클래스, C클래스 쿠페, 레인지로버 이보크, 스바루 XV, 신형 폭스바겐 비틀 등등입니다.


  • shark 2011/11/24 06:04 #

    우연히 시공간의 외곡이 일어났을겁니다. (?)

    농담이고.. 긴장해야겠네요. ㅎㅎ
  • 백선호 2011/11/24 08:06 # 삭제

    MG6면 영국 Rover 75의 후손이군요.
  • 백선호 2011/11/24 08:16 # 삭제


    다음은 Daily Telegraph의 MG6 리뷰입니다.

    MG6 review
    Built in China and engineered at Longbridge, the new MG6 GT is a mixed bag.
    By Andrew English
    6:30AM BST 03 Aug 2011

    Buy British! Fly the flag! MG is back, the 87-year-old true-Brit maker of sporting saloons and dropheads, founded by Cecil Kimber, is making cars again.
    First, with this C-segment large hatchback, also available as a saloon, followed by the MG3, a small hatchback already on sale in China and then the MG5, a Focus-size hatch. There’s a new 1.9-litre diesel under development and even plans for a new small sports car. At the company’s Longbridge base 300 research and development engineers work under Briton David Lindley, there’s a design office with a team of 30 headed by Tony Williams-Kenny and 40 assembly staff fit engines and transmissions to the MG6.
    Yet the standard we should be flying alongside the Union Flag is a red square with five stars on it, because MG is now owned by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), China’s largest car company.
    How this came about is a sad reflection on the perfidy of the final days of MG/Rover. Nanjing and SAIC, the Chinese companies that bought production equipment and rights to old British names, could be excused for wanting little truck with the United Kingdom and it is to their credit that they combined resources and have continued to invest in Longbridge, albeit in a limited way.
    But for all the design-and-engineering presence, this MG6 is no more a British car than a German-built Ford Focus, with an engine from Bridgend in Wales. The idea of a British mass-produced car is as defunct as a pair of plus fours (no, not Morgan’s). As Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, points out, “the automotive industry is truly global these days and trying to reinvent the industry in the old way is not helpful”.
  • Eraser 2011/11/24 08:21 #

    ....제로스타 자랑하던 그 중국차 맞나요 -.,-
  • Ya펭귄 2011/11/24 12:35 #

    3~4년정도 되면 이제 5성급도 출몰할 듯 싶다는.....
  • _tmp 2011/11/25 23:59 #

    이젠 슬슬 별 기준이 올라가겠죠.
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